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11 Things Every College Student Needs To Hear During this Point In The Semester

Image credit www.123fr.com

Image credit www.123fr.com


A fun stress reliever to remind us that we are all in the same boat with school stress at this time of year. Enjoy this light-hearted look at 11 things every college student needs to hear during this point in the semester.


Image credit - employment-essentials.com

Image credit – employment-essentials.com



Are you busy getting your degree and haven’t had time for anything else? Find a moment to check out gradspot, this website is a one-stop shop for everything you need post-graduation. Organized into 5 categories (Housing, Career, Money, Lifestyle, and Health) this site helps you navigate questions like how to nail a job interview, and what vegetables should stay in the fridge vs. on the counter.

The Thesis Whisperer

Photo credit - Brian Smithson

Photo credit – Brian Smithson


This blog, edited by Dr. Inger Mewburn, provides many amazing articles and resources on helping students survive the crunch time of writing a thesis. Articles like, how to choose the right front, or how to email your supervisor, study hacks, and how to conduct proper research are all right at your fingertips.

The College Puzzle

Photo credit - Olga Berrios

Photo credit – Olga Berrios


This college success blog, The college puzzle, was created by Dr. Micheal W Kirst. It provides students the opportunity to come and write or read stories of successful students. This resource provides real life examples of student struggles and how those obstacles were overcome. It also offers the student perspectives of on the future of education.

12 tips to overcome writer’s block for PhD students

Image credit - PhD comics

Image credit – PhD comics


Unfortunately, writer’s block is a very real and very common problem, especially for people writing a thesis. This type of writing often induces a great deal of stress and anxiety for students. Dora Farkas assures that her 12 tips to overcome Writer’s block for PhD students make breaking the block not only possible, but easy.

How to reclaim your life when writing a dissertation

Image credit - quickmeme.com

Image credit – quickmeme.com


Dora Farkas outlines 12 simple habits that will help you to reclaim your health and personal life while writing your dissertation. These straightforward choices help to increase productivity allowing more time for other commitments. She also provides a link to her “Finish your Thesis Program” if you are interested in further webinar coaching.

The Happy PhD Zone: How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance in Academia

Image credit - memegenerator.net

Image credit – memegenerator.net


What do you do to stay in the happy PhD zone? Signe Asberg describes how she maintains the (mythical?) work-life balance as a PhD student. She offers good advice and useful hacks to help you discover your own happy PhD zone and keep you organized, focused, and healthy.

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