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Western’s Virtual Campus

360 Professional Development: http://grad.uwo.ca/360/

  • 360 programs are designed to provide graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and mentoring they need to succeed at each stage of their graduate journey.
  • Online resources include Strategies for Academic Success, Writing and Publication, Teaching Tips, Getting Mentored, Career Resources, Campus Community. The 360 programs are created in collaboration by the TSC, SPGS, Student Development, Western Libraries, Career Centre, Western Communications, the Faculties.

The BookStore at Western: http://www.bookstore.uwo.ca/

Distance Studies: http://www.registrar.uwo.ca

  • Series of online “How to” guides: accessing services, registration, student centre guide, Western ONE card, academic calendar
  • Other information on letters of permission, student finances, student records,

Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies webpage: http://grad.uwo.ca/

  • Comprehensive online information for prospective and current students on the topics of graduate regulations, student life, change of status, professional development, international students, student services, supervision
  • GradMap (monthly email about “all things grad at Western)
  • Graduate Supervision Handbook
  • Submit Western thesis electronically

Information and Technology Services: http://uwo.ca/its/

  • Customer Support Centre electronic web form
  • Specialized graduate/postdoctoral electronic information service: “Ask Western” is a service designed to assist users in quickly finding answers to frequently asked questions about administrative policies and procedures, admissions, residence living, financial aid, student life, alumni events, etc.
  • Online information relating to computer access, computer wellness, documentation, web, passwords, Western identity, email, and other technology services
  • Self-serve downloads for MyVlab, Office Scan (anti-virus software), and SSH Software

Learning Skills Services: http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/learning/

  • Help Online services include the Strategy Bytes series, disappointing grade, successful peer strategies, handouts and advice, and self-assessment
  • General information for graduate students relating to presentations and workshops, presentations for international graduate students, and websites for graduate students
  • GRADUpdATE: Twice Monthly Email-out

Society of Graduate Studies: http://www.uwo.ca/sogs/

  • Provides information, assistance, and services necessary to help graduate students complete their goals at Western
  • Programs and awards that promote graduate student research
  • SOGS Health plan forms and opt-out/in links
  • Student and University Groups and Services
  • Monthly newsletter sign-up

Student Center: https://student.uwo.ca/psp/heprdweb/index.htm

  • Student Center allows future students, current students, and alumni to access their admission and/or student information at Western
  • Manage courses and fees, grades, maintaining contact information, view academic records and more

Student Success Centre: http://success.uwo.ca/

  • Various online resources for a range of topics relating to careers, leadership, and student experience
  • Career Central (online job and events management), career research, meet employers, job search links and other faculty-specific career resources

Teaching Support Centre: http://www.uwo.ca/tsc/index.html

Western Education (Homepage): www.edu.uwo.ca

  • Updates on news and events in the Faculty
  • Information on the graduate professional programs
  • Information on the internationalization, research centres, faculty research, education library, faculty research
  • Other research and resources links related to the discipline of education
  • Contact information for reaching faculty, staff, and support services

Western’s OWL (powered by Sakai): https://owl.uwo.ca/portal

  • Learning Management System for course delivery
  • OWL documentation site for help using Sakai
  • Search for sites option

Western Libraries: http://www.lib.uwo.ca/

  • Specialized Education Library webpage
  • Digital resources: databases, ejournals, and ebooks
  • Document delivery system (RACER)
  • Citation management (RefWorks)
  • Materials created or sponsored by Western Scholarship@Western.
  • Online research tools
  • Online Tutorials (advanced Boolean, book reviews, citation management, ebooks, evaluating sources, research process, search strategies, reading an article, etc.)
  • Online help – Chat and email services
  • Online information on research and publishing

Western University (Homepage): http://www.uwo.ca/

  • Websites Directory, Western Directory (faculty, staff, students), Campus Maps, Events, Webmail, Governance, etc.
  • Western social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr)
  • Western’s new mobile app microsite: iWestern
  • Electronic version of Western News and daily news service (RSS feed)
  • Western on iTunes U (listen to podcasts, lectures, convocation, addresses)
  • Western University’s Youtube channel
  • Western Weblog directory

Writing Support Centre: http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/writing/index.html?grad

  • GradWRITE’s online resources include workshop handouts, podcasts and other resources for new graduate students and current graduate students. Topics include effective writing at the graduate level, the writing process, grammar, academic writing tasks, thesis/dissertation writing, beyond your degree.
Western Education

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