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Benefits of E-Learning

UntitledWhile some may be skeptical about the online classroom, the benefits that exist for e-learning are hard to ignore. This LearnDash post outlines 7 of the amazing advantages that come with online education, these include:

-       Scalable

-       Higher learning retention

-       Reduction in carbon footprint

To read about these benefits and more, click here.


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Common Mistakes of Online Students

UntitledEverybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes are big enough to affect you for years to come. This article outlines 7 big mistakes to avoid in the distance learning world to protect yourself and your future. These include:

-       Procrastinating

-       Failing to connect with peers and professors

-       Not getting credit where credit is due

To read the full list and learn more about how to prevent yourself from making these mistakes, click here.

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First Impressions in an Online Environment

UntitledFirst impressions are important, but making them in an online environment is not as straight forward as giving someone a good handshake. This article offers four pieces of advice regarding how to make this good impression in an online environment for those who may be less familiar with the atmosphere. From keeping spelling in check to providing relevant (and non-personal) comments, these basics are important to learn for any online student.

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Online Group Work

UntitledMany students claim to hate group work or team assignments because they often find them unfair. Whether a group member disappears leaving a section unfinished, the work is unevenly distributed, or the quality of each members work is inconsistent, conflicts arise frequently. This article, written by an online instructor who has dealt with these conflicts time and time again, provides a professor’s perspective and advice on the issues involved with group work.

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What You Can Learn from Online Instructors


While you can always expect to learn the course content you signed up for, many students don’t realize the valuable lessons they can take away from professors themselves. It may seem more difficult to connect with online instructors than those you see in person, but this doesn’t have to be the case. This blogger discusses the many things she learned from her professors outside classroom material, even as an online student. Click here to learn more about these connections and the valuable lessons they provide.


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Synchronous Learning with Google Hangouts

UntitledTo many the words ‘synchronous learning’ imply in-class participation; but with Google Hangouts it is now possible for e-learners to take part in synchronous learning online, from wherever they are. This article helps to outline the best ways to go about implementing these learning strategies, including:

-                Integrating live class discussions

-                Encouraging online study groups

-                Using Google Hangouts for one-on-one support

To view the full list of tips and their explanations, click here.


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What to Expect from an Online Instructor


Because online course work is a relatively new aspect of higher education, not everybody knows what to expect, including instructors. This article gives both teachers and students an idea of what they should anticipate from the role of an online instructor.  Despite not having the same face-to-face interaction as in-class instructors, one should still expect availability and guidance as well as professionalism and an ability to navigate a technological field. Read the full description here to gain a better understanding of what an online instructor should have to offer.

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