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Twitter Timelines and the Art of Skim

Twitter app symbolIf you’re a Twitter fan, there is some good news for you! Twitter may be used for investigating your study topics, especially if you know how to explore effectively. Take a look at this PhDBlog article for tips on how to skim Twitter to retrieve the latest news, and perhaps get the inside scoop.



Image by Tom Raftery

A Culture of Sharing: Susan Blum’s My Word! Plagiarism and College Culture

pencil and paper

With much of Western society on Facebook, Twitter and other social media we share vast amounts of personal and professional data online. But, once posted online, how much of that information remains ours? This Profhacker article focuses on the most common issues regarding intellectual property and the rights of the owner.



Image by Jacqueline Torres López

Do Grad Schools Care About Your Social Profile?

social media logosDoes your Social Media Profile Matter?

Do you want to get admitted into a professional program? You might want to make sure you appear professional in places other than your application. “Surveys of college admissions officers show that about 30% consider information on social media sites in making admissions decisions [a]bout one-third admit to Googling students”. You can read here about who may be interested in your profile, but more importantly you may wish to learn how to manage your digital footprint. Certain tips include:

-       Being aware

-       Restricting public search

-       Maintaining an appropriate profile picture

-       Filtering friends

-       Creating your ideal self

Western Serves You: Western’s Youtube Channel

Purple YouTube LogoWestern was recently voted #1 university in the country for social media, and it’s easy to see why.

Subscribe to Western’s Youtube channel, and watch a wide range of educational and entertaining videos:

      • Each faculty has a playlist, featuring events and distinguished speakers
      • See Western making headlines in the news
      • Watch the convocation videos

Western University makes these videos available for it’s community! See what your university is up to.


Image reproduced under “fair use” exception for the purpose of education, as enumerated in Sections 29.1-2 of the Copyright Act of Canada.

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